8 tips on running a successful corporate event

How to Plan a Corporate Event

When it comes to planning a corporate event, you know what you want to achieve. A visually stunning event, in the perfect venue, that leaves an enduring impression on your audience, and achieves all of your business objectives. But knowing exactly how to get there is no easy task. Many elements will need to come together over several months leading up to your event to make it happen.

Planning your corporate event effectively is key to success and although it may seem overwhelming at first, following the 7 tips in this article will help you work through the steps involved. At Indigo Splash we have decades of experience managing and producing corporate events so we thought we would share some tips to help those thinking of planning a corporate event.

Corporate events are a tremendous platform to engage and communicate with clients, stakeholders or employees, and meet specific goals or objectives which promote business growth. The different types of corporate events include: conferences, trade shows, product launches, team building activities, AGM meetings, gala dinners and award ceremonies, which may differ in appearance but offer similar rewards for your organisation.

By championing company values, achievements, products, or services, and creating networking opportunities, corporate events are a window to positive change within your business. So, if you have taken on the task of planning a corporate event for your organisation, relax, take the weight off your feet (and your shoulders) and settle in to our guide.

8 Tips for Planning a Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event can be a complex task that requires careful consideration of various factors. From the challenges of event production to the professional AV equipment required, plus potential pitfalls that an event planner may face, there are numerous elements that need to be taken into account. In this article, we will provide eight tips on planning a successful corporate event, and discuss what you can do to solve the various challenges likely to come your way during the event planning process.

1: Define the event objectives and target audience
Before venturing into the corporate planning process, it is vital to clearly define the objectives of your event. Understanding the purpose of the event and identifying the target audience will help in making informed decisions throughout the planning process. This will ensure that all aspects of the event, including production and equipment requirements, align with the intended outcome.

2: Prepare a detailed budget
Establishing a well-defined budget is essential for successful corporate event planning. Consider all the necessary expenses, such as venue rental, catering, decor, audio visual equipment, and more. We have the expertise to help create a realistic budget and offer a free quote where we provide accurate cost estimates for various services, ensuring that you stay within your financial limitations.

3: Choose the right venue
Selecting an appropriate venue is crucial for the success of any event. Consider the size, location, accessibility, and amenities provided by prospective venues. Indigo Splash is a professional event production company which has established relationships with a wide range of venues, enabling us to suggest suitable options that meet your requirements.

4: Consider an online presence
Historically, planning a live corporate event was the only option but technology has progressed to the point that live streaming is possible and is no longer the reserve of major events. The benefits of planning a hybrid event which combines elements of live and virtual events, include reaching a wider audience, improving engagement, building credibility and trust, gathering data insights and providing a better attendee experience. So, when planning a corporate event, if you feel the capacity of your venue is limiting your chances of success, then a hybrid event could be the solution.

5: Use a professional event production company
Event production involves numerous technical audio visual elements, such as sound systems, lighting, staging, and many more. These aspects can be challenging for a corporate event planner to handle. Hiring a professional event production company will provide access to their extensive range of professional equipment, ensuring high-quality audio visual experiences and eliminating potential technical glitches.

6: Develop a comprehensive event schedule with realistic timelines
Creating a well-structured event schedule is vital for ensuring smooth operations. Outline all the necessary tasks and allocate realistic timeframes for each stage of the planning process. We can provide valuable insights regarding production timelines and sequencing of various tasks, which will make the process more efficient for you.

7: Consider potential problems and develop contingency plans
Anticipating potential problems and preparing contingency plans is imperative to overcome unforeseen challenges during the event. Being able to quickly assess and rectify any issues, ensuring the event proceeds without major disruptions, is vital. Experience is particularly valuable here and a professional event production company is well-versed in handling unexpected situations.

8: Implement effective communication strategies
Establish clear channels of communication with all stakeholders involved, including event attendees, sponsors, vendors, and the event production company. Regularly update all parties on the progress of the corporate event planning, ensuring everyone is aligned and any last-minute changes or updates are conveyed effectively.

planning a corporate event

Common mistakes to avoid when planning a corporate event

There are several points along the corporate event planning route which, if not fully considered, can lead to an unsuccessful event where your goals are not fully achieved.

Lacking clear objectives can lead to a lack of focus and confusion among attendees, so make sure you establish what you want to achieve with the event and plan accordingly. Even then, choosing the wrong venue can have a significant impact on the event’s success by impacting on the comfort and experience for your attendees. Ensuring you carefully consider factors such as location, capacity, layout, and amenities to ensure they align with the goals of your event will significantly increase your chances of success.

Underestimating or not properly budgeting for all the necessary expenses can result in cost overruns and compromises on important event elements. It might seem an impossible task at first because many costs are not immediately apparent, or easy to estimate. We regularly help event planners quickly get a handle on the costs and budget required to achieve the event you have in mind.

Indigo Splash can also provide experience on planning your corporate event schedule so that you can avoid trying to cram so much in that it overwhelms attendees. Creating a balanced schedule that allows for breaks, networking opportunities, and sufficient time for each session or activity is crucial.

Avoid last minute issues by thoroughly planning logistics and technical requirements as well as having a contingency plan to avoid any hiccups during the event. Failing to prepare for unexpected situations such as bad weather, technical failures, or speaker cancellations can leave you scrambling for solutions during the event.

Always remember to incorporate interactive elements or opportunities for attendee engagement to maintain interest in your audience. We can help you plan activities, workshops, or discussions that encourage interaction, networking, and active participation.

Once all of the above has been covered, make sure you utilise all of the relevant marketing channels to promote your event to your target audience. Failing to effectively promote the event can lead to low attendance and a lack of interest.

One final common mistake is not evaluating the event’s success or seeking feedback from attendees after the event has finished. Conduct post-event evaluations and collect feedback to understand what worked well and areas that need improvement, allowing you to enhance future corporate events.

To Summarise…

Make no mistake, planning your corporate event will take time and requires a great deal of thought and preparation. But it is also hugely rewarding to see your plans come to fruition as well as being an opportunity to get creative. By following our seven tips you will be able to create a corporate event which you, and your organisation, will be proud of, not to mention the business growth you can expect as a result.

Indigo Splash is a leading event production company with a talented event management team and technically creative engineers. Our experience will help you plan the perfect corporate event. We offer a free quote so talk to us today to get the ball rolling.