Scenic Element
design and build

The Brief

To design and build several scenic elements Klaviyo’s first marketing event (K:LDN) in London, held at the Ham Yard Hotel, September 2022.

We were instructed to supply designs for various budget options with the ability to store the units post event for future use in mind. This meant designing the units in a way that used sustainable, yet light materials where possible and allowed for the client to move the units easily when necessary.

Lexus LC Launch Image
Lexus LC Launch Image

Key Deliverables

  • Project management

  • Design & build consultation

  • Realistic 3D rendered designs & revisions

  • Unit construction

  • On-brand corporate graphic printing
  • On-site build and removal

Our Solution

Our design team produced several realistically rendered 3D designs to help our client understand the full extent of what they would receive from us. Each unit would be produced from varying materials based on budget and the client’s request for reusability.

Following our clients very specific branding guide lines, We produced graphics and production designs for a registration desk, lanyard stand, genius bar, ‘crack the code’ lockbox and 3 charity drop boxes.

Originally, we had designed each unit to be able to withstand multiple uses over time but the client reverted to only needing to keep the charity drop boxes for future purpose. This allowed us to redesign the units to have less complexity in structure and use less materials while still upholding a high standard of quality; ultimately saving our client on their budget.

The charity drop boxes were designed to be lightweight enough that they can be easily transported and versatile with interchangeable Foamex backboards applied with a printed graphic. The graphics for the backboards were provided by the client but edited by us in order to suit the backboards. The drop boxes were supplied with a soft material lined transport case on casters to allow ease of mobility for our client when taking them to their own storage.

We originally designed the registration desk and genius bar to both have wireless controlled RGB accents; we felt this would help highlight their importance to the space they were in and help draw attention. Because our client was budget conscious, we decided to remove the LED accent from the registration desk as it was at the forefront of the space and hard to miss.

The graphics for all elements (excluding the lockbox and charity backboards) were designed in house by our design team following our client’s corporate branding guideline. We designed the main two-tone composition to follow the geometric shape of our clients ‘Flag’ logo. We felt this helped create a familiarity in the design when catching it at a glance.

The Result