sustainably-focused summit

The Brief

For environmentally-conscious companies, embracing sustainability in events is paramount.

So, when identity and access management software company Forgerock hosted their summit at the London venue IET Savoy, they turned to event production experts Indigo Splash to minimise the environmental impact of their event.

Our client’s objective was for the event to be as sustainably-focused as possible and, while this particular venue has some fantastic in-house audio-visual equipment, we had to ensure that the AV technology and decorative elements we provided were eco-friendly wherever feasible.

Key Deliverables

  • Project management

  • Event production

  • Digital Signage

  • LED Screens

  • Staging

  • Exhibition pods

  • LED lighting

  • Sustainably-focused

Our Solution

Our forward-thinking client sought to embrace sustainability in contemporary ways, including plates, cutlery and mugs which were made from recycled materials, as well being recyclable.

At Indigo Splash we are equally focused on sustainability wherever possible, so we made sure this event was no different. When producing the exhibition stands we carefully sourced a company able to supply the graphics on a stretch fabric material which is widely recycled, rather than PVC which is more likely to end up in landfill.

As well as this, we recommended digital signage in place of printed posters to communicate messages, presentation schedules and wayfinding information. Using digital signage at events also comes with many other benefits over traditional printed media, such as allowing information to be scheduled in advance, showing real-time feeds of presentation content, and being updated quickly if required, such as emergency messaging.

When it comes to lighting, the obvious choice was LED over Halogen due to the environmental advantages. LED event lighting can be marginally more expensive than Halogen but the benefits outweigh the costs when considering sustainability, not to mention the impact on brand image.

As an experienced event production company, we enjoy working in a more sustainable way and LED lighting, due to it being better for the environment, as well as lighter and easier to work with compared to traditional Halogen setups, makes it a great choice for events.

The conference was well received by attendees and our client was delighted at how it turned out. We were overjoyed to partner with them on this sustainably-focused event.

The Result