Diversity and Ability
accessible and inclusive conference

The Brief

For an inclusive organisation which values diversity, creating an event which is accessible for all delegates is a fundamental requirement.

Diversity and Ability (D&A) is a is an award-winning social enterprise led by and for disabled people which delivers support by those with shared life experiences. Hosting a conference at the Hilton Doubletree in Brighton, accessibility was key to success.

They sought the help of an experienced event production company who could meet a range of specific requirements to ensure the event was inclusive and accessible across the board.

Wheelchair users needed to be able to access the stage easily and present seamlessly with non-wheelchair users. Those with impaired hearing needed to be able to access the event content as it happened, no matter where they were in the room. As well as this, the event had to be broadcast live online to those who were unable to attend.

Key Deliverables

  • Project management

  • Event production

  • Height adjustable lecterns

  • Hearing aid loops

  • Wheelchair ramps to access the stage area

  • Live screen captioning

  • Live streamed captioning to mobile

  • Live video streaming to internet

  • Separate stage, lighting and camera relay for interpreter

Our Solution

Looking for a company who could provide total support for an accessible and inclusive conference, they turned to event production specialists Indigo Splash. Our experience of producing and managing accessible events meant that we were ideally positioned to provide a practical solution for each requirement.

We supplied height adjustable lecterns making it quick and easy for all speakers to present from a comfortable height, as well as including wheelchair ramps as part of the event staging.

The first or preferred language of some attendees is British Sign Language (BSL) so to ensure content could be communicated effectively we set up a separate stage for an interpreter, who was clearly highlighted with lighting. This content was then relayed via camera and video displays positioned towards the back of the audience to ensure everyone had a clear view of the interpreter.

As well as this, we supplied hearing aid loops which transmit audio using radio waves directly to hearing aids, increasing accessibility for hard of hearing attendees.

As an additional measure to ensure the content was accessible for all delegates, such as those following proceedings on the large format displays placed around the venue, we provided Screen Captioning which outputs a live text version of the spoken words onto each screen. For those who preferred to use a mobile or tablet to access content, we provided Live Streamed Captioning which allows attendees to view a real-time text version of the live vocal audio in the room.

Finally, as hybrid event specialists, we were able to live stream the entire event over the internet meaning those unable to attend could enjoy and engage with the content as effectively as those attending in-person.

The Result