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If you are planning to host a fundraising event, Indigo Splash will help bring your ideas to fruition. We have decades of production experience across fundraising and charity events, so are ideally placed to manage it for you.

Our event management expertise ranges from planning and logistics, through to state of the art audio visual equipment and first class crew, meaning a technically creative solution will always be delivered.

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Our Dedication to Your Charity Event


Our dedicated and experienced production team will look after every technical aspect of your charity or fundraising event and, relative to the scale, we’ll appoint you with a dedicated Project/ Production Manager, overseeing your projects requirements throughout the whole process, start to finish.

We will ensure your charity event runs smoothly with every single detail taken care of so you can enjoy a stress-free experience. Furthermore, choosing us as your event partner will free you up to concentrate on maximising your fundraising opportunities and achieving your targets.

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Staging and Scenic Considerations

When hosting a function with a fundraising element it’s important to create the right environment, ensuring attendees have a perfect view of the speaker and those on stage. So it’s beneficial to work with an event production company who can manage all aspects of your staging requirements in a professional and detailed manner.

We design and build bespoke staging and scenic elements that incorporate your charity or organisation’s branding and reinforce the theme of your fundraiser. When accompanied by a well designed lighting system, these elements are brought into the foreground, given definition and importance.

Charity Event Sound 

We understand the importance of being heard when asking your audiences to support the work of your organisation.

When it comes to audio quality at an event, working with an event management company with decades of experience is literally a sound investment. This is because poor quality audio can result in missed announcements or an ambience which fails to put those attending at ease, being detrimental to your fundraising abilities and targets.

Our highly skilled and dedicated sound engineers work closely with you to assess what microphones best suit your presenters needs and how to evenly distribute the sound around your chosen venue so that everything is clear and overall pleasant to the ear.


Fundraising Visuals

We understand that in many cases, showing video messages from those who your charity or organisation have helped is one of the highlights of the event. As well as this, using visual aids can increase fundraising effectiveness which is why we have developed innovative solutions for not just presenting engaging visual content, but also creating it. 

We use a combination of large format LED Displays for relay and large projection for the main displays, but for the lasting impressions on your audience, going ‘Ultra Wide’ with an LED Wall leaves a lasting impact on your audiences visually. Our highly skilled and dedicated video engineers manage all your video and presentation content for your presenters so that they can focus on themselves and their audience.

Interactive Silent Auctions

One of the most popular way our clients gain donations at their events is through the use of interactive silent auctions. Your guests are given control of a sophisticated voting controller or app to make pledges throughout the event.

Our highly skilled and dedicated content producers manage the interactivity of our voting systems in conjunction with our video engineers to display live feedback on display from audiences votes and overall interaction.

Corporate event scenic design

Charity Event Lighting

One way to gain the attention of your audience at fundraising or charity events is through the use of creative lighting that highlights the importance of your performers and presenters on stage. Furthermore, lighting can be used to set the mood of the event, creating a suitable emotional tone, as well as highlighting prizes or other brand elements which are positioned away from the stage.

Our highly skilled and dedicated lighting engineers use their technical creativity to enhance the visual atmosphere of the venue and draw focus to the important elements including those on stage.

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“The guys were great and really helpful. They had additional leads, helped with audio issues and everything in between that wasn’t part of the initial brief, so they’ve done a sterling job!”

“We hired Indigo Splash to provide state of the art professional illumination to project archival photographs onto the building while it still stands. We couldn’t have wished for a more professional projectionist.”

Julia Winkler, Brighton University
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“Indigo Splash are absolutely fantastic at what they do. They are incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful. They always work within the budget and brief whilst also sharing their expertise in offering ideas and suggestions that may bring improvement to the end result, while remaining cost effective.”

Caroline Hilton, EMI
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“I’ve worked with Indigo Splash across three different companies over the last 20+ years. There are few companies who can match their skill set, abilities and ‘can do’ attitude. I have no hesitation in recommending Indigo Splash.”

Andrew Smith, Kramer Electronics

Our Work

We live and breath audio visual solutions, specialising in event production. Bringing your ideas to life using our passion for creative technologies is what’s important to us. Browse our previous work below for ideas on how we can help you with your current and future projects.