ForgeRock promotional
video production

The Brief

The client wanted to produce an innovative promotional video where an actor could present within an immersive environment. As well as projection, real elements including smoke and lighting would be required to create the desired effect. Using our experience in video production we knew that to achieve the client’s brief we had to first design a physical environment capable of housing the actor, effects and projected imagery.

Our first task was to create a large cube with one side open, large enough for an actor to present from. Internally it needed to have two separate looks, a colour or white lit box like cube and an an immersive 3D world, with video environments that would envelop the actor. We had to be able to instantaneously transform between the two looks. We needed to light both the cube and actor whilst being able to infinitely adjust any of the lighting.

There was also a requirement for controlled smoke effects that would be heavy enough to be able to highlight individual lights and / or video projection light beams, whilst also having the ability to quickly disperse the smoke.

Lexus LC Launch Image
ForgeRock Projection Film
Lexus LC Launch Image

Key Deliverables

  • Technical consultancy

  • Design and fabricate robust multi-side projection structure 

  • Subject and ambient lighting with effects

  • Multiple high brightness laser projectors

  • Projection and lighting engineers


Our Solution

The cube was designed in a 3D environment to enable us to work out precisely the optimal size for creating a space the actor could freely move in, also considering lighting both inside and outside the structure. We balanced the need to make the structure strong robust while also being seamlessly blended with the background.  The panels had to be balanced between the need to have a solid looking surface for the internally lit segments and immersive 3D video world. The projections through the smoke effects enhanced the ambient lighting experience.

Lighting & Effects 

Key lighting, small fixtures, to light from above and behind the subject. LED batten up lighting washed along the bottom of the inside of the 3 side walls. Stage lighting from a studio bar outside the cube to provide subject lighting of the actor. A scene required smoke enabling the projection to emerge from the cube walls in the form of light beams that scanned through the internal space and around the actor. To do this we used smoke generator and fans.


We have a reputation for doing unusual and highly complex video projection and getting video to flow seamlessly from one screen to another is no mean feat. Our engineers ensured this was done to professionally and intricately. We installed the ceiling projector on a custom-made bracket to get the elevation needed. We used four high brightness laser projectors to provide the punch needed inside the cube. These all had to be skilfully balanced, so they all looked identical within the cube, this was one of the most challenging elements to get right.

Projection & Lighting Engineers 

On a project like this, we need Engineers who know their craft and will be able to push the technology to its limits. We pride ourselves on providing the right Engineers for the job, who will go the extra mile to make sure an event goes smoothly and looks great. Their attention to detail is top notch, which is why we love working with them and trust them with our clients. 

Lexus LC Launch Image
Corporate event video using projection

The Results

We put a lot of time and effort into the design of this video production project because there were many variables that intersected making the possibility of failure relatively high. If the production wasn’t executed exactly as planned, it would have had major impacts on the overall timeline and budget for the project. 

Thanks to our diligence, and the professionalism of everyone on site, project ran like clockwork. Every element worked as designed, the overall look we created for every scene was spectacular. The Video Production company, Dreaming Fish Productions were over the moon with how it worked for them, and they were able to capture every scene as they had imagined it would look.  

Our end client, ForgeRock was very pleased with the result and the video was a commercial success. 

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